Piano Restoration

Piano restoration is a precise art form.  Restoring a piano to its original beauty and sound requires experience.  Your piano is more than a piece of furniture.  It is a fine musical instrument and must be handled with respect and care by an experienced craftsman. 

Piano restoration is a delicate procedure, whether it be a cabinet refinish or a complete piano restoration.  We begin with hours of precision measurement and analyses before even one screw or old string is removed.  All of the information is then analyzed, resulting in the  formulation of a strategy structured to achieve maximum performance.  Action geometry design, custom fabricating antique action parts, designing and fabricating custom cabinetry are all areas where experience counts – we have the experience.

With the enormous amount of information and planning involved,  some of the very best pianos ever played were ones that were built from start to finish with just one craftsman involved.  This unique relationship is harder to find, but the advantages are readily apparent once understood.  This is not to say that piano technicians, stores and shops who outsource many aspects of the restoration result in an inferior piano. A thorough, well thought out individual approach to each piano produces extraordinary results.

There is nothing more disheartening than to acquire a ‘restored’ piano only to find  there are many costly and disappointing problems to deal with.   In  my 43+ years experience of one-on-one restoration, my clients have never been disappointed.   

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