Piano Tuning

Piano Tuning

Don’t be like Oscar!

Piano Tuning – Experience Counts

Piano tuning is necessary – Don’t wait until you feel like Oscar over there biting those piano keys! Keep your piano in tip top musical shape with regular piano tuning and maintenance.  An out of tune piano or an unresponsive touch will discourage any musician.  Regular piano tuning and maintenance will ensure your musical enjoyment!

Did you know there are three components that require periodic adjustment in a piano?  They are Tone, Touch and Pitch.

Tone is maintained by voicing the piano hammers; Touch by servicing the mechanical components of the piano action; and Piano Tuning is the adjustment of the tuning pins so that all the strings are of the proper tension (Pitch).  Combine all three of these elements and your piano will sing!

Piano tuning is an exacting science.  My credentials include over 42 years of hands on piano service, both in the field and in the shop.  I am certified as a Registered Piano Technician (RPT), having completed apprenticeship and formal training.  The PTG certifies Registered Piano Technicians through a series of rigorous examinations designed to test their skills in piano tuning, piano action regulation and repair. Only candidates capable of performing these tasks up to a recognizable world standard are awarded the RPT certification.

I believe you’re never too old to learn, and even with 42+ years of experience, I regularly take advantage of learning new techniques and updating my knowledge and skills through classes offered by the Piano Technicians Guild (PTG), and collaborating with other highly skilled piano technicians around the world.  Ensure your piano is tuned and maintained by a qualified tuner/technician – Experience Counts.

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